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About HTL

The Honolulu Tennis League (HTL) a non-profit organization and run by volunteers.

HTL actually runs eight leagues offering team competition:
Men's A-League
Women's A-League
Men's B-League
Women's B-League
Men's C-League
Women's C-League
Men's Novice League
Women's Novice League

All HTL matches are played Sunday mornings.
The Leagues generally follow this schedule:
Jan - Mar
Women's A, B, and C Leagues
Apr - Jun
Men's A and B Leagues
Jul - Sep
Mens' C League & ** Mixed Masters League
Oct - Dec
Men's and Women's Novice Leagues / **Senior Mix & Women Tri Level

Team matches consist of five individual matches each week: ** These leagues run a different match & ranking format.

1st singles, 2nd singles,
1st doubles, 2nd doubles, and 3rd doubles.
(8 players from each team)

Players are ranked -1, -2 or -3 within each league.
Players ranked -1 may play only first singles or first doubles.
Players ranked -2 may play first or second singles, or first or second doubles.
Players ranked -3 may play second singles, or second or third doubles.

For example, a C-League team's roster might include:
5 players ranked C-1,
6 players ranked C-2, and
3 players ranked C-3.

Only 3 of the 5 players ranked C-1 may play each week (1st singles, 1st doubles).
All six C-2 players might play in a given week (1st and 2nd singles, 1st and 2nd doubles).
Note that at least two players ranked -3 must play every week.

Players move up or down in rank based on points earned according to their win-loss record. It is a continuous scale. For example, a C-1 who earns enough points would move up to a B-3 rank, and would join the B-League the following year.

Want more information? See the HTL League Regulations for the rest of the details about the league.

Want to join? Contact a league rep.